Infographics for applications, blogs, fanpages, annual reports, presentations and scientific publishing


Posters, books, magazines, music – layout and covers.

Forms and documents, folders, personal resumes, business cards


Information systems for places, institutions, exhibitions, social projects. Complete systems including: branding, icons, information boards, maps, programmes


Graphic design of boxes, bottles, flat packaging, labels, stickers


Photo books, collages. Wedding & birthday design. Gifts, posters


Online marketing, facebook & twitter design, newsletters, mailing, adwords, baners

my name is Natalia Stachura and I'm a freelance graphic designer, specialising in infographics. I’m a graduate of the Art University in Poznan (PL), where I studied Graphic Design and Visual Communication. I'm currently based in Sopot – a seaside town in the north of Poland.
Since my graduation I have developed all the essential designing skills – through my work history I’ve been working with a range of international clients, agencies, private companies and art foundations.
I have gained experience with commercial graphic work (Samsung, DHL, Essex Textiles), as well as infographics, which, in graphic field, have been my biggest love ever since. The core of my work is to simplify a story into image and tell it in a way that’s engaging. I offer a wide range of creative services (including logotype design, publishing design, cover design etc.,) but I specialise in infographics - a clean visual reflection of information or data, no matter how complex.
I approach each and every new project with enthusiasm, energy and curiosity. I believe that curiosity is the key to create a successful and beautiful infographic. This attitude aids creating a fresh and viral work. Upon receiving a content or a brief, I interpret what goals are to be achieved and then develop it into a creative outcome. Thinking outside the box leads to simple yet visually appealing solutions.
Thank you for reading this and I hope that you enjoy looking through my work online. If you would like to contact me, please use the contact form at the bottom of the site or simply drop me an email at

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+48 505 974 909
skype: stntla
ul. Mariana Mokwy 19/2
81-708 Sopot, Poland, EU